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on a hill (recalled)

I was with a lover in a small European capital. We sat on the deserted steps of a cathedral overlooking the city’s valley and the broad river. Something in the near distance caught my eye, some small movement. He had seen it too. “Look,” he pointed to a red car parked half a block away. “There are people having sex in that car.”

“Let’s go see.” He stood up, pulling me by the hand. We strolled along, as though without destination. When we were close, I looked through the windshield. I saw a girl in the back seat, her legs spread wide, a man’s head between them. She caught my eye, giggling, and moved their disarrayed clothing to try to shield her body from view. There was no shame in her gesture, as though she were charmed to have been discovered. We kept walking past them down the hill into the city. I wanted to turn back.